Book Review: Grading

gradingOne of the most debated topic these days seems to be grades.  Educators are really beginning to question the traditional grading system on a large scale.  In the past, these discussions have always ended with “but that’ll never happen” and now people are making changes in their classrooms, their schools and even on a larger scale in some districts.  Some of us have been ready to unload grades for a long time.  We see the toll it takes on student learning.  And others are just starting to explore what changes might look like and what they mean in terms of learning.  It is really an exciting time.  I was asked to read On Your Mark, by thomas R. Guskey as part of the leadership team in my building.  Guskey makes a convincing argument for the adjustment of many of our grading practices.  Of course, he is preaching to the choir with me.  But, his arguments are articulate and well supported with evidence and examples.  He challenges many common grading practices used by teachers and provides potential solutions to each challenge.  If you are thinking about grading issues or considering making some changes in your grading systems, this is a useful book.  If nothing else it will get you thinking.  As a member of the leadership team which will be investigating how these issues might impact the bigger system, it helped me see the bigger picture.  A quick read that will definitely get you questioning your current grading practices.







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