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Finding Time for Teachers

Successful Multi-taskerI have received two important pieces of feedback over the past several weeks regarding our implementation of #innovationhour to transform faculty meetings. After the first innovation hour, a faculty member came to find me.  She said that she is usually so scattered when she is trying to do something new.  The commitment to spend innovation hour doing something that is not “drudgery” helped her stay focused on the task she agreed to complete during this hour of time.  

The second came from a math teacher who spent her hour collaborating with a science teacher to develop a combined curriculum.  The purpose of this combined curriculum is to increase engagement in math by giving it more purpose and relevance.  She said that after she left innovation hour, she went back to her room and developed a new way to teach a math topic that students had been struggling with.  She reflected that her mind was more flexible and she seemed energized at four o’clock after planning for a full hour with a colleague.  Who feels energized after a traditional faculty meeting?  Who gets more creative after a traditional faculty meeting?

The most common complaint from teachers is that there isn’t enough time.  We can’t add hours to the day.  But can we increase productivity by changing the structures we put in place? The first teacher who came to me increased her focus through this new structure.  She was able to follow through and complete something.  The second person came up with new ideas through her work.  She felt energized and was able to continue thinking past the hour required.  While this structure is in its early stages, it appears to be increasing efficiency and productivity among teachers.  Check out what other teachers are working on at #efhsinnovationhour.

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