New Teachers

Because my ultimate goal is to see the public educational system transformed, it is extremely important to me that new teachers are successful.  New teachers are the future of this transformation.  While new teachers have similar problems, the solutions can vary based on the school, the personality of the teacher and many other variables.

This page offers a few of the best resources so as not to be overwhelming. You may also leave me a message in order to get a response to a specific question or problem.  I will respond within 24 hours.  My disclaimer is that I give advice from the perspective of a fearless teacher and any suggestions that I give or questions that I ask to guide your possible reactions will be based on the philosophy that any and all decisions must not be based on fear.  I cannot guarantee that my responses wouldn’t cause you to get fired but they will lead to transformation.

Be sure to include your email address so I can respond (I will not use your email for any other purpose but to respond to your specific question)!  Please note that by submitting a voicemail question, you’re allowing me to share it publicly.


Lisa Dabbs: Lisa runs a site called Teaching With Soul dedicated to working with new teachers.  She provides mentor programs and runs an active Twitter chat weekly to support new teachers.  Her Edutopia blog is dedicated to issues that impact new teachers.

Edutopia has a discussion topic for new teachers as well. It provides a wealth of valuable information on a variety of teaching topics that affect new teachers.


Classroom management

I highly recommend Classdojo  as a classroom management tool.  I have used it extensively to implement the common core standards and manage groups effectively.  It also allows parents to have access to this information.


Redcritterteacher is another platform that is offering the ability to track behaviors and is integrated with the common core.  Unlike Classdojo, Redcritterteacher offers a gamefication aspect to it with badges and certifications.

 Getting Ideas

The Teaching Channel is an extensive resource that shows specific strategies using video making it very easy to get and implement ideas in your own classroom.



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